About Me


My journey as a Thai bodyworker began along the path of yoga. I lived a great deal of my life completely out of touch with my body, and then yoga found me. The practice opened me to deep self love and self care. Bodywork of all types became part of a self care ritual for me, but it was Thai bodywork that I felt a special connection with. I walked away from sessions feeling relaxed and more open physically, but there was also an emotional lightness, a joy, that followed as well.


It is said that when you are ready the teacher will appear.

I trained with Paul Fowler of Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies. His style is that of Northern Thailand, one which emphasis energetic movement and freedom to connect with the receiver and work in a way which is not a rigid sequence, but a style that respects the state of both the body and of the mind. I am constantly awed by his incredible knowledge and ability to teach the practice of healing touch. I went on to study with Paul in Thailand where I had the opportunity to experience bodywork and learn from many teachers and healers, including master teacher Pichest Boonthumme. It was in Thailand that all of my seemingly divergent life paths came together clearly. It was here that I knew, without question, that this practice is what I am meant to do and everything that has happened before prepared me for this work.


If you perform your work viewing it as your dharma, your actions become sacred

~Mata Amritanadamayi


It is truly a gift to be able to share Thai bodywork with others. My intention is to help others relax into their bodies, connect with their breath and enjoy simply being present. I am here to support your efforts on your journey of self care and healing.